Bra Fitting – Take Your Time to Find the Perfect Fit

Have you been thinking about bra fitting? Did you know that the earliest depiction of a ‘bra’ is to be found in Crete and dates to the 14th Century BC?

Thankfully we’ve moved on from there! Today bras are an essential item for all women. They are so common place that we often overlook them and forget how important they are to us. (If you need reminding just try imagining going a week or even a day without wearing one.)

When you wear a bra it should fit in a way that you don’t even know it’s there. When one looks at bra fitting basically… if you spend some time choosing, trying and fitting your bras you will then be able to put them out of your mind. Seems strange to suggest focusing on something just so you can forget you have it.… but think about it! If you have a poorly fitting or poorly made bra you will be conscious that you are wearing it all day long.

If you have a comfortable, well made and well fitted bra you won’t even know it’s on you…… which would you prefer?? When you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or axillary clearance you will need to take even more care with the fitting of your bra. Your bra needs to support your prosthesis (breast form) closely to your body and needs to support and shape your natural breast.

By wearing a well fitted, supportive bra you will reduce the feeling of weight that can be associated with carrying a prosthesis – even a lightweight one!

So! Take a little time to choose your bra, consult an expert bra fitter that knows what they are talking about and reap the rewards in all day comfort.