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Your look starts with the perfect foundation, which is why the right Breast Form is so important.

It can transform your outline in clothes and give a vital boost to your figure and self-confidence.

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There are many different types of Breast Forms from lightweight foam and fibre filled forms to more life-like silicone Forms that are generally used for everyday wear. There are ultra-light Forms, weighted Forms, self-adhesive Forms, even self-cooling Forms.

The most important thing is that you find the right Form for you. The one that you feel most comfortable with, the one that you feel looks the best on you, the one that you can wear all day, every day and be comfortable! Because we offer products from so many manufacturers we are con dent that we can help you to achieve this.


Dear Kate & Liz, thank you for bras and prosthesis. They are a perfect fit…I feel like a new woman.



The current trend towards breast saving surgery means that partial surgery is now possible for many women. However, if you have undergone a partial mastectomy, lumpectomy or have had breast reconstruction, you may find that your breasts are not quite even. To help correct any imbalance there is a range of partial breast forms which are worn inside your bra and are curved to match your body shape, filling the cup perfectly.

It may be some time after your surgery before you notice any imbalance but regardless of when you’ve had your surgery rest assured that you can come to see us. We can help guide you to the most suitable form for you.

A properly weighted silicone form provides the balance your body needs for correct posture. It is therefore important to wear your silicone Breast Form regularly.


Due to the personalised nature of our service, appointments are recommended. Please phone 021 6032000 or email Consultations are free and without obligation.


How to care for your Breast Form

Breast forms come in many shapes and sizes, regardless of which one you have the care is similar. The best way to clean your Breast Form is to wash it regularly using warm water and whatever you wash your skin with. Pat it dry with a towel.

Every night place it back in its box. Take care when handling your Breast form that your jewellery or a sharp edged nail does not snag the outer layer. Avoid using strong perfumes or creams on your skin where the Breast Form will be in contact with you. All Breast Forms are guaranteed for two years against any manufacturing fault.