Lymphoedema Bellisima Bras

If your surgeon has removed the lymph nodes from under your arm, you are at risk of a condition called lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema can occur immediately following surgery or radiotherapy or it can develop later, sometimes many years after treatment.

Because of this it is vital to pay close attention to your arm and to protect it from any cuts or risk of infection. The style and fitting of your bra is equally important.

Your bra should be a snug fit without ‘digging’ in anywhere and the shoulder straps should not cause any indentation. Our bras are specially designed with this in mind and offer support and comfort while still being pretty and stylish.

If you do experience any lymphoedema, we have a range of bras that offer extra support in the underarm and shoulder areas, again without compromising on style. Avoid tight jewellery. If you do get any sign of swelling, pain, inflammation or tenderness, ask your doctor’s advice as soon as possible.


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