A bra that fits properly makes a world of difference to the way your clothes look, helping you feel more comfortable and confident.

When something fits well you feel great. It also provides the ideal support for your Breast Form. Similarly, the right Breast Form can transform your outline and getting the right fit for you means that no one need ever know you’ve had breast surgery.

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All of our bras have been designed by experts with an emphasis on quality and fit so that they are as comfortable as they are beautiful but with some important design features.

  • They have a deeper front and sides to give support and coverage to your Breast Form
  • They come with fitted pockets to hold your Breast Form securely in place
  • Some styles have padded straps to relieve shoulder tension
  • Stretch straps are adjustable and become wider in the larger sizes for support and comfort
  • A higher cut under the arm covers any scarring or supports any swelling
  • A wide soft underbust band gives firm support and maximum comfort
  • A high cut panel between the cups and a close fitting stretch neckline gives a secure fit with your Breast Form


Dear Liz and Kate, I received my breast care products and I’m really very happy with them, perfect fit and very comfortable. They are really very supportive and a great shape. Thanks very much!



Tips for the Perfect Bra Fit

  • Make sure the band around your body fits firmly but comfortably. It shouldn’t ride up at the back – if it does you may need to go down a band size
  • The bra should sit closely against your body at the front and in between your breasts. If it stands away from the body you may need to try going up a cup size
  • There should be a smooth outline above the bra cup and band – you will need to go up a size if there is not
  • Remember that no two bras t exactly alike! Just like buying clothes it depends on the style, fabric and manufacturer
  • No matter where you purchase your bra always try it on before deciding if it is right for you or not
  • We can advise you on styles which may suit… then the choice is yours!


Due to the personalised nature of our service, appointments are recommended. Please phone 021 6032000 or email Consultations are free and without obligation.


Taking care of your Bra

Always check the care label on the bra.

Most manufacturers recommend:

  • Bras should be hand-washed in mild detergent, lukewarm water and no fabric softener
  • Alternatively, you can machine wash on a delicate setting at a low temperature
  • Only wash whites with whites
  • Air dry – do not tumble dry or place on direct heat, eg. a radiator