Lymph Flow Breast Shell 030


Medical compression supports the lymphatic drainage . CuraLymph compression products are ideal for women with a light lymphoedema (stage 1) in the thoracic and chest area.
External pressure, in combination with movement of the thoracic area, has a positive effect on reducing congestion. Aiming at mitigating mild to moderate swelling, feeling of heaviness and relief of discomfort and pain.
Silicone shell (100% medical silicone).
Soft and easy to wear, it can be inserted into the cup of your bra to provide targeted gentle compression where it’s needed
The textured surface provides a light massage effect and supports the loosening of fibrotic tissue
Washable and re-usable, it’s easy to clean for daily use
100% medical silicone
one size (Can be cut to size for the perfect fit)

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